Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property rights are a company’s key assets. Registering, protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights on creations is essential. A good creative enterprise is built on a solid foundation of intellectual property rights.

Crosslink Legal advises and litigates for national and international clients in the field of:

  • copyright
  • portrait right
  • neighbouring rights
  • collective administration
  • music law (songwriters, artists, session musicians, engineers, producers, vocalists, ghost producers, sampling and plagiarism issues etc.).
  • art law
  • media law (freedom of speech and unlawful press publications)
  • intellectual property transactions (transfer, licensing, sale,
    Trademark and trademark protection/ Trademark name/ Domain names
  • design right
  • unfair competition and slavish imitation
  • misleading and comparative advertising
  • Know how/trade secrets

Entertainment Law

Entertainment law pertains

  • Music
  • TV and Film
  • Multimedia and internet content creation
  • Book and literary publishing
  • Theatre and musicals
  • Fine arts, visual arts and design


Crosslink legal drafts contracts, negotiates deals, reviews contracts and advises in a broad sense so that you can find the right strategic partners. Crosslink Legal can help you with, for example, the following contracts:

  • Licence agreements intellectual property rights
  • Deeds of transfer of intellectual property rights
  • Engagement agreements
  • Music contracts (publishing, artist contracts, label agreements, synch deal, production deal, ghost production deal, vocalist deals, side agreements, featuring agreements, letters of direction, session musicians, film composers, game/advertising audio, songwriting agreements, contracts for engineers and studios, booking contracts, management contracts)
  • sponsor/endorsement agreements
  • merchandising agreement
  • art consignment agreements
  • art commission agreements
  • partnership agreements
  • non-disclosure agreements/NDAs
  • General terms and conditions, privacy and cookie policy, EULA

Enforcement of your rights

Sometimes confrontation is inevitable. In case of a conflict, Crosslink Legal handels your dispute through

  • drafting cease and desist letters
  • conducting settlement negotiations
  • drafting settlement agreements
  • litigation
  • Proceedings at the Plagiarism Commission of Buma/Stemra