My new book ‘The All-Round Musician’ is now available

On 9th December 2021, Bindu De Knock and CrossLink Legal launched the new publication The All-Round Musician: How to Build a Sustainable Career in the Music Business.

This easy-to-read guide provides a clear pathway for musicians at all stages of their career, allowing them to succeed at what they love.

How do you use music rights to generate income? When do you hire a good manager? How much is a musician paid for streaming? This publication shares practical advice on fundamental principles of the music industry, broken down into simple language. Readers learn how to identify red flags around people, business proposals, and legal agreements.

An all-round musician is an empowered musician. Artists who know their industry and have a little business and legal knowledge stand a better chance of succeeding, says author Bindu De Knock. Both a legal expert and a musician, De Knock broadens readers’ understanding of all aspects of building a business around music. As an intellectual property and entertainment lawyer, De Knock made her name with her first book Noot voor Noot (2015) drawing on her international law practice and experience as a musician and trained audio engineer.

The All-Round Musician is available at local/online bookstores in The Netherlands and Belgium and ships globally from


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