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It is the mission of CrossLink Legal to provide its clients with an advantage in the market by maximizing the value of intellectual property rights. Thanks to specialist advice on protection, enforcement, registration, maintenance or exploitation of your intellectual property rights, your business will be able to grow.
As an entrepreneur in a hyper-competitive market you must be canny and not lose sight of your intellectual property rights. CrossLink Legal supports you as an entrepreneur.

About CrossLink Legal

In a creative business, IP rights to your creations are the lynchpin of the business activities. CrossLink Legal is your sparring partner for all IP-related matters. CrossLink Legal wants to know what keeps you, as an entrepreneur, awake at night, what opportunities you see in the market and what objectives you want to achieve with your creations, both in the short and the long term. With this information, CrossLink Legal can support you in setting out an IP strategy or in managing projects in which IP rights are central. This way potential risks can be identified in good time or solutions can be found as a result of which your business can achieve its potential.

What we do

CrossLink Legal is a law firm specialising in Intellectual Property Law (“IP”) in a broad sense, with a focus on music and entertainment law. This not only entails the protection or enforcement of your rights, but covers commercial contracts, transactions (such as licences, transfer), an IP strategy and project management as well as IP rights in mergers and acquisitions. We will support you in different ways and advise, negotiate and draw up contracts.

CrossLink Legal also conducts legal proceedings in intellectual property disputes. Sometimes confronting the opposing party is inevitable. If a settlement is out of the question, going to court is often the appropriate way of enforcing your rights.

Legal proceedings are often a cause of a lot of stress for clients, leaving aside the legal dispute itself. Therefore CrossLink Legal guides you through the procedure.

For whom?

Are you a creative entrepreneur and do you have questions about the protection, exploitation or enforcement of your rights or questions about contracts?

CrossLink Legal focuses, among other things, on creative entrepreneurs (in the music sector, the art world, the fashion industry, (graphic) designers, photographers, game developers, writers, chefs/ restaurant owners/the hotel and catering industry), tech businesses and media/entertainment companies. The creative industry is increasingly operating at the interface of the tech-industry. Different branches of industry have different needs when it comes to the protection and exploitation of their creations.

CrossLink Legal believes in long-term relationships with our clients. Clients are therefore free to ask questions that are less important and not only when there is a case going on.


CrossLink Legal and Nineyards Law have entered into a collaboration. For CrossLink Legal’s clients, this means we can also assist in the following matters:

  • Corporate and M&A
  • Employment and labor Law
  • Dispute resolution
  • Finance
  • Civil law notary